Chill Creative Co. Ltd.

What We Do

Chill Creative is a full service branding and design consultancy in Hong Kong. We specialise in providing integrated branding and marketing communications solutions that cover strategy, creative design and interactive digital media. 


Whether you’re new to the market or an established company, consistent and effective branding is the key to your success. From consumer research to logo design, brand auditing to story creation, we’ll produce style guides that promote a consistent, unified brand identity that your customers will know and love.

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Digital & Interactive

Life moves pretty fast. The average website has just seven seconds to make the right impression. We believe the key to success is to maximise the value of that time through User Experience (UX) design and interactive tools, streamlining everything into an engaging, easy-to-use web structure that creates a positive emotional response for visitors.

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Experience Design

Connecting with modern consumers requires creative, real-life experiences that inspire a meaningful connection. Chill is proficient in the areas of exhibition design and experience design in Hong Kong, having produced large-scale exhibits that communicate key messages in lively three-dimensional environments.

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Motion Graphics

The future of design will be a…moving experience. Through our proficiency in motion graphics, production and animation, we can transform mundane corporate information, numbers and figures into a living brand story that connects with your target consumers in a memorable way.

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Graphic Design

Our design background gives us great experience in producing effective marketing materials that communicate ideas through images. We'll work closely with you to develop print marketing collateral including brochures, reports, infographics and even bespoke packaging designs that communicate your message in an effective and visually pleasing way.

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Whether you need help with executing your vision or brainstorming an effective plan from scratch, Chill provides the solutions you require. We’re up-to-date with the latest trends and news, constantly tailoring our visuals and messages to maximise our effectiveness in an ever-changing landscape.

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