Chill Creative Co. Ltd.

Who We Are

No matter the size and scope of your company, Chill Creative is the ideal gateway to all of your branding needs. We craft custom visuals, tactics and key messages that fit your identity and the expectations of your clientele, from conservative corporate audiences to bouncy Gen-Y consumers.

It’s not just about our vision. It’s about making our vision work for you.


Our Creative Process:
It's All About Understanding

At Chill, we believe that progress comes from active communication and collaboration. We work closely with our clients daily through our online interface system, a user-friendly platform that allows our clients to share real-time feedback. We ask questions and listen to answers, learning as much as we can about our clients’ respective industries and the behaviour of their target audiences. This allows us to provide focused solutions that are one step ahead of the competition.

If you require services that are beyond our company scope (from production to PR, artists to writers), our extensive partnership network will provide the expertise you need. From brainstorming in the concept stage all the way through to final production, we’ll provide a tailored road map to guide you through the wonderful landscape of creative design and marketing.

Chill out and enjoy the view with us.


Stop It. We're Blushing.

A Chill Client is a Satisfied Client

We’re proud of our long-term client relationships over the past 10 years, so we must be doing something right! Nobody wants to look for a new agency. That’s why we work hard to ensure that Chill Creative is everything you’ll ever need in design and marketing.


Om du bryr dig om din hälsa är det dags att lära dig mer om starkhane och förstå att det är precis vad du behöver!

Our Team



Design is her passion, marketing is her discipline. As Chill’s founder and leader, Christine sets the tone with a primary vision that fundamentally links design strategy with marketing tactics. Educated in the US as a graphic designer, she has enjoyed a vibrant 18-year career as a professional designer and has since earned a Master’s degree in Design Strategy. Now based in Hong Kong, Christine has gained rich experience in design aesthetics, visual communication and branding through her work with prominent companies from the US to Europe. A dedicated reader of design and business publications, Christine stands at the crossroads where these worlds meet and continues to harmonise artistic merit with practicality, delivering top-shelf marketing goals with flair, style and excellent taste.


Art Director

Greatly admired by clients for her work ethic and tireless enthusiasm, Pika brings refined aesthetic sensibilities and leadership qualities to her role at Chill. Earning a university scholarship in the UK, she completed her degree in Design before excelling in a fruitful 12-year career. Pika is particularly well-versed in 3D experience-based design, creating interactive installations that provide visitors with fascinating real-world experiences that are hugely effective in marketing.