Chill Creative Co. Ltd.


A government-led project, WEEEPARK is the only site in Hong Kong that collects and processes e-Waste such as used computers and electronics. Our challenge was to develop an experience-based exhibit along with marketing materials that communicate WEEEPARK’s key messages in distinctive ways, while also complying with government themes.

Education Centre

We created a linear experience exhibit in a long, narrow space in three sections, illustrating how appliances are responsibly processed. The first introduced the Park and its core concepts; the second presented various products that were being processed onsite; the third section displayed real-time data such as the number of devices that had been processed and how much raw material was salvaged.


While creating the interface for the exhibit, we developed six original mascots to provide a slice of interaction, entertainment and education. The mascots starred in a motion graphics video that we created, telling a fairy tale-like story from their perspective as “abandoned” products that turn against mankind. In response? Visiting children can become a WEEE Hero to inspire change! At the very end of the exhibit, we created a photo projection display for kids to take pictures and bring home their WEEE Hero memories.