Chill Creative Co. Ltd.


Nine Seafood Place is a 50,000 square-foot dining, retail and entertainment space in Whampoa that needed an interactive, buzzworthy attraction to develop the area’s identity. We were given a long, 40-metre canvas area to create an experience centre for attracting visitors, and the company’s three designated fung shui colours had to be used extensively.

Wayfinding System

We created a detailed wayfinding system for visitors to navigate and experience the exhibit with ease.

Chill Solution

It was clear that this project required more than just smart visuals in order to maximise its unique space. The exhibit also had to tell an engaging story, and that began with the logo which we custom-designed using the designated colour scheme. We created an interactive experience centre around the theme of an old fishing village, reflecting Hong Kong’s history in three parts while also attracting families through education. Stretched across a long, narrow corridor, we recreated an old fishing boat with interactive elements, an interior scene of the boat to illustrate how fishermen used to live (including period-specific magazines), and a final hand-painted display on how to cook and prepare delightful seafood.