Chill Creative Co. Ltd.

Consumers consider brand videos as the preferred way for marketers to share information.

Motion graphics not only look great; they also provide a medium for us to tell stories by opening up a world of new possibilities. The blend of attractive visuals, animation and audio creates an engaging piece of content that helps brands to reach people in different ways.

Using existing information (or developing a narrative from scratch), we build a new identity for your enterprise by transforming company profiles into entertaining short films, videos or animations that bring your brand to life. Motion graphics videos can also be used to distil complicated information and simplify abstract concepts for easy comprehension.

By turning the mundane into the sublime, we can help you differentiate your brand from the competition. 




  • Data and information analysis
  • Story board creation
  • Content development and script writing
  • Custom illustration and data visualisation
  • Motion graphics video animation
  • Voice talent recording and sound editing

Our Process:

Define Business Goals

Identify target viewers, confirm key messages and distribution channels with client team.

Develop the Concept

Create a theme and find an angle to tell a story that is relevant for viewers.

Create Content

Compose the story board and write the script with an appropriate and effective voice.

Draw Illustrations 

Digitalise the hand-sketched story boards with custom illustrations.

Make the Animation 

Turn static story boards into 2D animation video clips.

Post Production

Incorporate voiceovers and sound effects, export to various formats for the appropriate channels.