Chill Creative Co. Ltd.


Our client, Fire & Wood, approached us for help with their new venture in Shanghai. With over 30 years of F&B experience in the UK, their aim was to offer a brand-new mix of international flavours paired with a modern, comfortable atmosphere to present a relaxed and enjoyable dining experience. The undefined style of cuisine was a challenge for brand development, especially in China where fusion-style restaurants remain a new concept for many diners.

Chill Solution

We created a bilingual name that was fun and memorable, targeting our primary market of young ladies who incorporate dining experiences as a fundamental part of their lifestyles. Creating a signature graphics theme, we used an attractive turquoise colour to connect with the target market and designed an “exclamation spoon” to communicate energy and creativity. By carefully crafting the branded items into consumer touchpoints, “OMG!” has differentiated itself from its competitors by successfully expressing itself.