Chill Creative Co. Ltd.


It is a well-known fact that Lee Kum Kee is a giant in Asian condiments and seasonings. However, this particular launch was the brand’s first-time release of westernised culinary products, namely, salad dressings. In order to demonstrate Lee Kum Kee’s versatility along with the many ways of using each dressing, Chill came up with two strategies to penetrate the market comprehensively. The print advertising campaign kept things simple by depicting ways to pair the dressings with different dishes. For the online campaign, we had to get creative.

Dressed Up for Humour through Motion Graphics

In order to appeal to an audience of young professionals, Chill created a motion graphics story with three brief episodes. They depicted a series of humorous and relatable aspects of work life, such as office gossip, and incorporated the new dressing range as a tasty respite. The comedic exaggeration in the videos connected seamlessly with a younger, trendier audience.