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Graphics in Action

Sometimes it can be difficult to read through a list of product specifications or details in company processes. Translating that information into a video with a story makes it easier to pay attention to the nitty-gritty and process it. We came up with an idea that would easily weave in the information about Dupont’s new technology for laptops with narrative and eye-catching graphics to engage a greater audience.



We chose to portray a secret agent’s life in a three-minute video. Each section of the video explains how the new technology DuPont developed helps the agent stay on top of his missions. We crafted different scenes and settings to match the various characteristics of the materials and its versatility. For example, showing the details of the technology in a lab setting not only makes it easier to note the capabilities in detail, but it adds to the sense of reliable science and futuristic development of the product and brand. Another scene depicting Agent Pont under attack where he uses his new laptop as a weapon gives life to the phrase “cutting-edge technology.” Associating these scenes with the features of the product helps ingrain the details in the audience’s minds.

Specifics of Style

For the animation style, we used a clean style with simple shapes as to not distract from the content being presented. We also chose a minimal color scheme that matched the company’s colors and would strengthen branding. Subtle continuous movements in the graphics, like slowly zooming in on an object, help keep the viewer’s attention on the screen while not distracting from the main points on that frame.



Audio effects can also benefit video graphics. While the graphics emphasize the most vital information, a voiceover gives life to the characters but also explains more detailed information about the specifics of the technology. With sound effects, the movements on the screen gain more traction, and sound paired with the movement on the screen makes the viewer pay more attention to both aspects. We monitored the selection of audio effects and voice talent to ensure consistency with our vision, as we always do in our production process.

Motion graphics don’t have to be in video format: even adding smaller animations to a page or a digital report can help an idea stand out from previous versions or current competition. Motion graphics come in all sorts of sizes and scales, and they could well be part of your next solution. At Chill, we’re always here to help you present your ideas in the best manner possible.

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