Chill Creative Co. Ltd.


Founded in Hong Kong in 1947, Chiu Cheung is an integrated service provider of control consoles, server racks and other high-end sheet metal-fabricated products. To mark the company’s 70th anniversary, Chiu Cheung commissioned Chill to update its logo and internationalise its image.

Making a Case for Subtlety

While we were allowed to tweak the design, Chiu Cheung wanted to keep the logo’s original identity. Chill’s updated logo utilised a new colour scheme while depicting the summit of a mountain as the pinnacle of success. We created a guide to brief employees on the new logo, a branding campaign, advertising templates and even updated uniforms. This project was an example of how subtle design tweaking can create maximum effect. Chiu Cheung is now a fast-growing company in China with an eye on global expansion.