Chill Creative Co. Ltd.


One of the world’s largest companies of its kind, condiments giant Lee Kum Kee presented Chill with a challenge: To produce a corporate social responsibility report that communicates its data to different audiences while remaining consistent.

Chill Solution

Transform the 100-page report and communicate one message through multiple channels. We settled on three methods:

1. Print Format

2. Interactive Website

3. Motion Graphics Video

Interactive Website

For the general public, our biggest challenge was to make it easy for web visitors to navigate a large amount of data. We embedded the latest HTML real-time data in the website with animations to better engage with the audience.


Motion Graphic Video

We created an animated video that condensed the lengthy, data-filled report into three minutes of content, allowing Lee Kum Kee stakeholders and employees to absorb the data easily and effectively. The clip was produced in three languages to engage a greater number of viewers from around the world.