Chill Creative Co. Ltd.


101 Studio is a B2B website for Asian retailers to find information on the latest eyewear products. An effective online platform was crucial for the company’s sales channels and efficient communication with its business partners. Chill was commissioned to design a website for 101 Studio that could accommodate the ever-changing marketplace for global eyewear.

Eye on User Needs

Chill immediately understood that the website’s user experience (UX) focus was even more important than its visual aesthetics. The site had to be able to handle a massive amount of changing content while also providing solutions for numerous user scenarios. We focused on simplifying site navigation through comprehensive content management, while including a member system to determine which users could access certain information.

A Vision for Content Control

With hundreds of new products every season, it was crucial that the website’s users could quickly locate the data they were searching for. The member system allowed 101 Studio to control access to product information for various business partners. The content management system was designed to handle a massive range of marketing information from product videos to brochures. With a versatile framework in place, 101 Studio can easily update and organise product information for many seasons into the future.