Chill Creative Co. Ltd.


Condiments giant Lee Kum Kee commissioned Chill to come up with a comprehensive print and digital advertising campaign for its new packet soup series. During a brainstorming session, we began to mimic the sound of slurping soup, which is often a sign of satisfaction in Asian dining. We quickly realised that the slurping itself sounded a little like the word “soup.” Therefore, “Soup一聲”, loosely translated as “the sound of speed,” became the campaign’s definitive slogan. It worked beautifully because in casual Cantonese, making the sound “soup” actually expresses the idea of speed! The bilingual slogan became an elegant reflection of both the product itself and its core quality of convenience.

It’s Not all Pun and Games…

“Soup一聲” was so well-received by the client that it became the foundation for the entire advertising campaign. The slogan connected especially well with younger consumers that Lee Kum Kee was targeting. We came up with the concept and key visuals, while also managing the entire production process from model recruitment to video shooting and photo retouching. We also created designs for a wide range of advertising spaces, as the campaign launched comprehensively across Hong Kong from MTR stations and newspapers to the digital sphere.

The results were immediately apparent. Within two weeks of the product’s release, Lee Kum Kee had already made plans to re-run the advertising campaign due to the public’s highly positive feedback. Sales across the city increased several times over, setting up a win for the launch itself while also creating a long-term market for the product.