Chill Creative Co. Ltd.


Leading the advertising design for Lee Kum Kee’s new soup product was a new opportunity for Chill to exercise our creativity and work on a project of such a large scale. We came up with the key visual, concept, and fun bilingual slogan to connect with young consumers, and now our work is everywhere in Hong Kong from newspaper to MTR stations to the digital sphere.

A Spoonful of Inspiration 

The idea for the slogan “Soup一聲” came to us in a brainstorming session while we were trying to mimic the sound of slurping soup. One pun later, we had a tagline that would be the foundation for the concept and visuals for the whole campaign. We also managed the whole production process such as model recruitment, video shooting, photo retouching and final visual and video design.

The results were immediately well-received: sales increased several times over, and it was a successful product launch for Lee Kum Kee. Within two weeks of the advertisement and product release, Lee Kum Kee made plans to re-run the advertising campaign because of the great reception. We’re proud to have made work with such an impact.