Chill Creative Co. Ltd.


Lee Kum Kee is well known for their range of Asian sauces and seasonings, but this was their first time releasing a product primarily used in western cuisine: salad dressing, albeit with Asian flavours. To show the multiple usages of the product, Chill created visuals for print and digital advertising campaigns. The print design directly depicts how the dressing can pair with different kinds of food, but we went in a different direction for the online version.

Dressing Up Motion Graphics

In order to appeal to an audience of young professionals, we created stories that would resonate with their daily lives in the office. We produced three brief episodes of motion graphics that depicted relatable aspects of work life, such as office gossip, and incorporated Lee Kum Kee’s dressing as a tasty respite. The exaggeration and humour in the videos makes them more fun and engaging to young people.