about us

Chill Creative is a full service Brand, Design and Service Consultancy.
 We specialize in providing INTEGRATED branding solutions that cover creative brand design, strategy, and service innovation.
As a fresh young brand agency in Hong Kong, we help small and medium companies INNOVATE in order to target specific segments that are profitable.

Our fundamental advantage is our research into the Generation Y segment. We can help you to reach higher profit levels through a ‘winning strategy’ with this growing market!



branding design

Chill Creative Company is more than a marketing agency; we’re a strong team of specialists who will develop a great brand for you based on deep customer insights of your target markets. We ensure that it works for long-term competitive advantage so you can build great customer loyalty and profitability. 

Our brand solutions include brand design and development, re-branding for the younger generation, mobile web development and other advertising designs.  Our research targets the Generation Y which will help you gain greater access to this customer group.


service innovation

Services are the growth areas of focus for any brand agency in Hong Kong and across Asia.  Market growth exists in key service sectors including hospitality, MICE, tourism, healthcare and retailing.  In order to be successful within these services, innovation is not just something to think about but something to take action on.

Don’t let your growth stagnate due to a lack of inspiration and lateral thinking. Chill Creative Company can develop innovative service environments, processes and values that will keep your customers enchanted by your service experiences!