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Chill Creative Company is a fullservice Brand, Design and Service Consultancy. We specialize in providing INTEGRATED branding solutions that cover brand and design solutions as well as marketing and communications services. We help small and medium companies have an INNOVATIVE brand in order to target specific segments that are profitable. Our fundamental advantage is our research into the Generation Y (Aged 18-33) segment. We can help you to reach higher profit levels through a ‘winning strategy’ with this growing market! 


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Our featured project

Nam Kee Noodle Shop (NK) has a 30 year history in Hong Kong and has continued to grow over the years from one shop to over 13 all over the city.  NK wanted a strong growth strategy and asked Chill for help in creating sustainable competitive advantage through a strong brand and marketing strategy. Chill’s consultancy for NK resulted in the development of a new brand extension and marketing strategy for them to target the Generation Y in Hong Kong.  In order to do this, Chill used an IBSS (developed by the Marketing specialists at Chill) which means an Integrated Brand and Services Solution Strategy that included four key steps. 

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Our creative process

Integrated Brand and Services solutions

iBSS is an important element in building competitive advantage for companies to ensure long term profitability.  What we do is help firms to re-build their brands, develop creative designs, plan successful marketing strategies and have better services for their customers.  We provide full service and fit the budgets of many small medium companies so that they can continue to grow even in the most competitive environments. 

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Our services

Our marketing and design experts provide free consultancy on how we can help you develop:

1. Brand development

2. Marketing strategy

3. Design services(brand identity, marketing collaterals,

multimedia designs)

4. Services quality improvement and training

Let us take you one step further with our tailor made strategy for you.  Call us at +852 3695 0643 or Contact us if you would like an appointment.

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