Brand the Next Generation Medical Services

Client: Zentrogene/BGI  |  Location: Hong Kong  |  Project ScopeService Branding


BGI is one of the world’s premier genome sequencing centers offering a wide range of genetic related services. They engaged the Zentrogene Laboratory from Hong Kong as an authorized representative to build a new brand for preventative medical services, targeting customers in Asia. The objective was to create a Western and professional image for a China based brand to expand their market share internationally.

Our Solutions

To change the perception that preventative medical services are intangible we adopted a contemporary design to convey a caring and professional brand. Reinforcing this concept, modern colours and graphics were adopted to produce an approachable image that generated genuine interest from the target audience. To further enhance the brand we also put forward the use of pull marketing strategy by displaying a packaged test tube in the clinic instead of traditional leaflets. The purpose? Use tangible packaging design to promote an intangible service.