Brand image design development

Client: Zen Cuisine   |   Project: Brand image design  |  Scope: Branding, graphic design, illustration and website

Our team worked with Zen Cuisine - a 30 years old F&B brand that originates from the United Kingdom to develop an innovative brand design and identity for Papillion Cafe in Hong Kong targeting a young and hip generation of consumer who wants an elegant and easy-going lifestyle brand experience.  As a hospitality brand, Papillon will open to cater to generation Y segment through an offering of high quality food and beverage service experiences.  Papillon means butterfly in French, Chill gave life to this brand by developing three keywords "Hearty, Balance, Infinity" to reflects the quality products and services provided by our client. A full set of brand identity guide was provided that includes the logo, secondary graphics and typography as defined on the core value of the brand. We also designed all communication tools including store wall graphics, paper utencils, promotional items and website to ensure the consistency of the brand image.