• ​HSBC 匯智營商 The Wise Business Programme 2012 老字號+ 創意 吸消費新力軍

    HSBC 匯智營商 The Wise Business Programme 2012

    老字號+ 創意 吸消費新力軍





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  • Chill Creative Co. X Namkee Rebrand is featured on Design vibe Feb 2013 issue

    Chill Creative Company look forward to reinvent Hong Kong Local Culture

    "Chill Creative carried out a re-branding project for Nam Kee Spring Roll Noodle Co. Ltd., a noodle chain with 30 years of history in Hong Kong. The team first conducted marketing research at Nam Kee's new branch in Centra. After summarizing data from customers and competitors, they decided to name the new branch Nam Kee H in order to attract young customers. What does "H" stand for? "Health, Hope and Happiness," explains Christine. To her, the three words summarize the LOHAS culture, which is the modern concern of Hong Kong people. It is quite accurate to say that they point the direction to which Hong Kong culture is heading."

  • Chill Creative Co. is invited to be the Guest Speaker in the Cross Industry Matching Showcase 2013 - Seminar by HKPC

    Christine from Chill Creative Company will share her story of success in the previous Cross Industry Matching Showcase. How branding and design can help SME to regain their competitive advantages and sustain their long term profitability

    Date: 18th April 2013
    Time: 4:30 to 5:30pm
    Venue: Hong Kong Productivity Council

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