9th March 2015
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Why graphic design consistency is so important in branding

Consistency and coordination of every graphic design output is one of the most technically critical parts of any branding campaign. Because so much of branding is visual, graphics have a huge role to play. When you’re looking for a graphic design company in Hong Kong, you deserve to work with a team like Chill who’ll cover your visual design needs with a comprehensive strategy and service policy.

If you’ve worked with a graphic designer before, you’ll know it’s about much more than just looking official and professional. From your logo to your business cards, from your digital media to your office or store décor, every visual aspect that’s attributable to your brand can (and should) say something. Each choice, from colour to font to selective use of white space, communicates a message. If you want that message to get across (and to stay in the viewer’s mind), you need to be consistent.

Think about the last time you tried to teach someone something – an employee, your child, your spouse – whoever. Did you provide written instructions? Did you back that up with a clear verbal explanation? Did your diagrams reflect your written instructions? Did you reinforce the training with positive rewards? Successful branding is a little like successful teaching – each aspect has to strengthen and reinforce the next.

As your graphic design company of choice in Hong Kong, we’ll enthusiastically redesign your:

  • Office décor
  • Visual merchandising
  • In-store experience design
  • Traditional graphics – letterheads, stationery, business cards etc.
  • Communication visual design – emails, SMSs, social messages and more
  • Web design and development
  • Packaging
  • Print advertising
  • Broadcast advertising
  • Signage – traditional and contemporary

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