9th March 2015
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3 Ways Investing in Market Research Can Save You Money

1. Accuracy

Think you know your target users? Think again! Most entrepreneurs and product developers think they have a good idea of the definition of their target market. This is because there’s usually some elementary marketing research that’s done during the development and refinement process. However, you may not be spot on with your accuracy. By developing your product with a certain user in mind, you’re subconsciously closing it off from other potential consumers.

At Chill Creative Co., we reverse engineer the process to identify the most profitable existing market for your product or service. There’s no reason to compromise the integrity of your design to fit trends amongst a different demographic, when there’s an untapped market already clamouring for your product. Of course, meeting the needs of that audience by refining your product is always an option. We back this up with a strategy to cover short term and long term growth within this redefined market.

2. Focus

By getting an accurate picture of your target market, from location(s) to demographic(s), you can focus your resources for exponentially greater impact. As a marketing research company, we’re ahead of the latest trends in social media, broadcast media and other communication platforms used by young people across the globe, especially within Asia. We can recommend the best streams for you to focus on. As your marketing campaign progresses our consultants can provide structured advice, based on real analytics, to help you make the most of your marketing investment.

3. Customisation

Purchasing generic market research reports doesn’t give you the depth of insight and the personalised advice you need for your company to get ahead. By consulting leading market research companies in Hong Kong such as Chill, you’re getting an edge that no other competitor has.