9th March 2015
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The 2 Hottest Ways to Add a New Dimension to Your Media

Looking for a way to add another dimension to your web design, display advertising and other media? Whilst VR plugins don’t exist yet and Smell-O-Vision still isn’t a thing, there are a couple of fun options you can experiment with. We recommend:

Animation design

It’s a relatively well known principle that motion draws the viewer’s eye. When the rest of the page is static and still, an animation can really stand out. It doesn’t need to be an entire cartoon, or an old-fashioned looking gradient. Rather, it can be something as simple as the way an icon moves when the mouse is passed over it or when it’s visible on the screen. Take a look at our Services page for some examples of motion graphic design we’ve produced.

Animation design at our HK office is an option that’s considered as part of most broader interactive and graphic projects. We’re lucky enough to have a super smart, creative and lateral thinking team with extensive training in planning and producing moving art. As a creative visual strategy, animation design is perfect for catching the eye (and capturing the imagination) of a tired and jaded audience.

Interactive design

You can’t predict the exact way a user will want to experience your content – so why not give them choices?! Interactive design draws the user right into the website, app or display, by giving them an influence on how, when, where and why content is displayed. Think of it like each user having their own personal butler to serve your products and services. Interactive design addresses their curiosities and concerns, in their language, to the extent they need. After all, marketing is largely about solving problems for the end user.

For examples of the interactive design our HK firm has produced for major clients, explore our Portfolio page now.